Chapter 2

I was thinking about superheros and how…

they all thypically have some sort of mental disorder. no judgements here.

Batman seems to be one that is a classic borderline personality with possible egotistic issues mixed in. I relate to Ms. Harley Quinn. Seems she was traumatized almost as bad as Batman as a young child/adult.

Sad, happy, happy, sad – mad and then we go around again.

Do you think Bruce Wayne grieved his parents slaying with acceptance? I think not.

Another – Ms. Quinn – love hurts. until you go mad.

Spiderman – genetic and mental disorder.

i have found that some of my favorite movies pull in my insight into life.

  1. girl, interrupted
  2. craft
  3. royal tennebaums
  4. almost famous

lots of movies need to be re-watched. looking forward to time and hobbies.

happy. sad. mad. happy. here we go around again.