not sure where to begin…

… but i remember the moment everything changed. the memories are coming and going… some here to stay and others willing to hide from the obvious mind.

I’ve been told that I am strong. from a young age, i have had to hide a lot of myself in order to survive. emotions run deep and the pain and despair can be overwhelming. sometimes i think that my past was another persons life. doesn’t seem real or fathomable.

i believe everyone has some sort of trauma. whether it be in childhood, adulthood – small or big… changes the person that will become.

met with a dear friend today and realized a lot while talking out the past. the past is supposed to stay in the past – but it doesn’t when memories hidden come out and feelings are felt for the first time. the people pleasing and dormant personality I once was seems so far away that i dont recognize the person i was.