Hebrew – לתפוס את כוחך

Greek – άρπαξε τη δύναμή σου

Arabic – الاستيلاء على قوتك

Latin – carpe potentiam tuam

I was able to take my compassion and revert stubbornness

Courage is to have fear and do it anyway. Emotional – emotional mind – Logical – reasonable mind – 4816

YONAKA – Seize the Power – Alternative Acoustic Live Version at the BrewDog AGM 2021

Yonaka – Seize The Power ( Rock For People, CZ, 17.6.2022 )

A person can forgive you and still not favor you. Stop thinking you can pick the consequences to your violations. We aren’t holding a grudge. We aren’t mad. No one is dragging the issue. Some of us just aren’t interested in our lives being treated like a never ending reentry program. You did what you did and slept well at night. Don’t interrupt mine when I give you the gift of goodbye and move on. If y’all knew the battles people were fighting, the losses they had to take when no one was looking, the scars they still can’t even talk about, the struggles they go through daily trying to love and accept themselves in this cold world, you’ll better understand why they had to disconnect from your dysfunction to finally thrive. When you love, honor, respect, and appreciate the good ones in your corner, you don’t create a pattern of pain that turns them into a survivor. If you were truly sorry, conviction would have changed your behavior. And as much as it hurts to cut those close connections loose, no matter who a person is to you, it’s critical that you set the expectation that it’s a privilege to be around you. If I don’t feel physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally safe, it’s not MY kind of healthy space. You can do YOU anywhere but over here. I don’t have an ounce of hate in my heart but like I told y’all, healing has determined who I’m no longer available for. Offense forgiven. Access denied.

There is a difference between control and being in charge.

Judging myself for feeling I have lost value in the household while I get better.

Need to be in charge – Ella knows I am sick 🤕 hurts but true

I had no direction,  much of the time. I wanted to please and make sure my mom was okay.